1. About the photo shoot

Q. How long does it take from inquiry to actual photo shoot?
A. It may take a long time to arrange all the details of the photo shoot with clients from abroad. So, please make your appointment as early as possible.
Q. How many shots will be taken?
A. Depending on the plan, the number of shots may differ, but normally a little over 100 shots, from which you can choose your favourite ones, are taken.
Q. Can I choose the photos to be included in the album?
A. Please choose the ones you like with the Ikeda staff after the photo shoot.
Q. Is it possible to take photos with friends, family, and/or pets?
A. It is possible to do additional photo shoots. Please make sure to let us know in advance.
Q. May we request a particular photographer?
A. We don’t have a set system for clients to request a particular photographer. Please consult with staff regarding options.
Q. What is the chapel like?
A. The chapel can house about twenty guests. You can see the photos on the chapel wedding page.

2. Dresses

Q. What kinds of dresses are available?
A. We have a large collection of wedding and cocktail dresses. If you can’t find your favorite dress, please bring your own dress to the studio.
Please make sure to try on the dresses beforehand to make sure the dress you choose is available in your size.
Q. Can we try on the dresses before the photo shoot?
A. We will arrange for a day for you to come in and try on the dresses when you make your appointment. Please make sure to make your appointment well in advance.
Q. Can we take photos in a few different wedding dresses?
A. In the western-style photo wedding, you will wear a western-style wedding dress and cocktail dress. In the Japanese kimono wedding package, you will wear a white kimono and a uchikake (colorful wedding kimono). In the combined western-style/Japanese photo wedding package, you will wear all four mentioned. There will be a ¥5,000 fitting charge for each additional dress and you will receive one photo for each additional dress.
Q. Can I bring my own dress?
A. Yes. We will not charge any extra fee for that.

3. Small articles

Q. Are the small articles and accessories included in the set?
A. Yes. If there are items you wish to use, please let our staff know.
Q. Is underwear included in the set?
A. We have some. However, as you cannot choose the size, it is advisable you bring your own underwear.
Q. Is a bouquet included in the set?
A. We have an artificial flower bouquet ready, but you are welcome to bring your own bouquet. When bringing your own, consider bringing a matching boutonnière and matching flowers for your hair.