The concept of Rosemary Chapel at TOTAL STUDIO IKEDA.

Rosemary Chapel Wedding at Total Photo Studio Ikeda.

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Here are the reasons.

IKEDA spends money behind the scenes. All photos are painstakingly touched up.
Each photo is giving the finishing touches by hand. Our photos are a level above the rest.

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We always aim to provide “the best possible service.” Indulge yourself with the satisfaction of knowing your photos will be a level above the rest. IKEDA always strives to make a better product.

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Our outstanding skills have allowed us to thrive in an ever changing
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  • ★International Award / PPA (Professional Photographers of America)
  • ★Best photo award / 100th All Kyushu Photographer Association
  • ★Best photo / 77th Japan Portrait Academy Competition

A renowned, multi-award winning photo studio